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We understand the deep importance of customer service and maintaining a consistent brand image and message.
This is why we're dedicated to delivering the highest quality customer experience for Sutro end-users.

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Our promise:

  • The most competitive industry pricing without quality loss or sacrifice. Where others charge per response and frequently use AI, we charge per solution and use human-only teams… with no month to month contract.
  • 48 Hour SLA first-touch agreement. Across all brands we average 5.5 hours total solution time!
  • A fully dedicated team (full-time management and agent team) which you will be able to communicate with directly.
  • 16+ hour coverage, 6 days a week minimum.
  • Monthly transparency reports which deliver internal successes and errors, operational suggestions, frequently asked questions from the period, and CSAT ratings.

But we don’t want you to just take our word for it! The points of contact we’ve provided below are already expecting your outreach for reference so don’t hesitate to connect:

Bryan Spunt, CEO -- Seek Discomfort (Yes Theory)
Ryan Westburg, CEO -- Fan of a Fan (DTM, Jubilee, etc.)


Initial cost:

  • $250 Onboarding
  • $250 Monthly

Recurring cost:

  • $250 Monthly
  • $2 per ticket solution

We're ready. Are you?

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Yes Theory

Our journey with Yes Theory and Seek Discomfort.


Doing Things Media

Our journey with Doing Things Media. 

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