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Agents and Applications

For customers over 1000 tickets a month it just makes sense to have a dedicated agent that handles and processes bulk tickets. We procure and ensure every assigned agent meets your standard of quality, and our standard of quality as well.

Every option is a good one.

For unconventional time that exceed normal operating hours. We offer a fully staffed solution, ensuring you keep your wits, and an empty inbox.

Ensure satisfaction by discovering DIDIN and our three step recruiting and training process.

Hire a pretrained, qualified group of agents, managers, and trainers that are customized to your standards. Deploy a 10 person team in less than a month. 10+ in under two months. We start small and build with your brand.

Pay as you go pricing. Keep things easy and affordable: an on demand team that handles bursts of tickets that fluctuate in volume. Perfect for smaller businesses, or startups.

Calculate support costs

Calculated by volume and percentage of resolved tickets, unless you're a high volume client.


Out of the box.

24/7 Service.

Resolve questions and sell globally, 24/7. Our on demand team works all hours, every day, every weekend, every holiday.

Management Included.

Generate results not headaches. Our team reports to local management for 1:1, training, career planning and reviews.

Highest Rated CSAT

Improve satisfaction scores with fast and thoughtful responses. Our team improves with ongoing QA and training.

Month to Month

Scale up without the commitments. Add or remove agents when needed. We match our team with your bursts.