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What we specialize in:


Super fast agent response time.


Dedicated management and training.


Developinga happier clientele, immediately.

Just a taste of what we offer.

Trusted brands work with to deliver consistently high-quality customer service, 24/7, in a simple monthly format.


Scale fast.Resolve 85% of tickets as you grow 2x, 5x or 100x. Our team expands only when you need us.


Launch new channels.Resolve issues quickly across email and chat channels. Promote dedicated agents to manage specific channels.


Improve automatically.Our service is fully managed. We use three levels of management: local, client-specific and data-driven. This improves performance autonomously.


No contracts.Hire onshore or offshore. Customer support is ever-evolving and hardly stagnant, so you only commit to the next month. Learn more about pricing.


Great for the future.Start small with DIDIN.chatthen expand later into multichannel, proactive onboarding and insights.


Start in one week.We pre-train agents to work with new clients. Get in touch with our onboarding team to either clear the inbox now or launch a long term solution.

Real clients that we work with.

Rest assured knowing that the decision you'll be making has already been made by institutions such as ASU and Draper University, eCommerce brands YesTheory and Tushy, and snack giant Mondelez International.

How we work.

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Respond fast to every customer.

Our trained team responds quickly to every customer issue, question or complaint.
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Management and training included

All of our agents are trained and managed by a three-layer system that starts with you, the client. Your rule-sets apply to us, and we then facilitate customer support through our agents.

Make your existing team even better

We can work in tandem with your team; offering support when a member calls-out, during time-gaps, and more.

Start in one week, max.

Time is of the essence, and we understand that. With pre-trained agents, we can help establish a multi-regional support channel in one week, guaranteed.

Pay only when a ticket is resolved.

With a super simple payment plan that spans month-to-month, find refuge in our payment structure. Pay only for the tickets that are solved. No longer pay for the monthly service - pay for results.

Since tickets fluctuate from time to time, and generally speaking no two months are the same, it's high-time you stop paying for a service that nickels-and-dimes you. Pay only when your customer's are satisfied and when the ticket is solved. It's 2020. Why still act like it's 2019?
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eCommerce and influencer-specific solutions and support.

Are you an eCommerce store? An eCommerce store for influencers like our client Or maybe an influencer like one of our other clients, YesTheory? We actively tailor our support roles based on client expectations, spanning several kinds of technologies and industries. We observe data-sets and fine-tune our approach to only provide the best customer service around.

Whether full fledged customer service, or simply a team you deploy over the weekend or nights, rest assured that DIDIN will deliver you the support you're looking for.
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